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Microscan Barcode Readers

MicroHAWK Barcode Readers

MicroHAWK readers offer an array of modular hardware options to take on any decoding task in three micro form factors.

• ID-20: OEM Barcode Reader
• ID-30: Miniature Barcode Reader
• ID-40: Industrial Ethernet Barcode Reader


MicroHAWK Engine

The MicroHAWK Engine offers OEMs and machine builders the industry’s smallest, most powerful, modular, and scalable auto ID platform available for solving the toughest 1D/2D barcode reading challenges.

•Ultra-compact, measuring just 19.5 mm x 28.7 mm x 33.9 mm
•Extremely Powerful
•No Software Required
•Reliability and Longevity


MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner

The MS-3 laser barcode scanner offers the fastest read performance in embedded compact barcode scanners.

• Decodes/second: up to 1000
• Read Range: 2 to 10ā€¯ (51 to 254 mm)
• Wide Scan Angle
• IP54 Enclosure


MS-9 High Speed Barcode Scanner

The MS-9 barcode scanner delivers a decode rate unmatched among small fixed-mount scanners.

• Decodes/second: up to 2000
• Read Range: 1 to 9ā€¯ (25 to 229 mm)
• OMR Reading
• IP54 Enclosure


From an Applications Engineer