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ACS Motion Control

MC4U Motion & Machine Controller

• 8 universal built-in drives and power supply
• Network upto 64 axes into a fully integrated solution with hundreds of I/Os
• Low Noise Linear Amplifier available
• Wide power range of motor drives - from 100W to 10kW
• Shorter lead time, development time, reduced risk, lower cost
• NanoPWMTM and PWMboostTM Technology, drives that deliver higher performance and higher power, at smaller size and at better price

http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/MC4U Controllers-specs.pdf


• up to 64 Axes EtherCAT Controller
• Up to 5KHz rate of profile generation and EtherCAT cycle
• Network Boost topology
• Up to 1GbE Ethernet host communication
• Multiple ACS and 3rd Party Drives Qualified
• Comprehensive set of support tools



• Three built-in drives to 265Vac, 15A/30A, 4 encoders
• Up to 32 axes and thousands of I/Oe
• Open Architecture: Qualified 3rd party EtherCAT drives
• Plug-in replacement for the series of SPiiPlusCM
• Two versions: Economical(ba) & High Performance(hp)
• 8/8 Digital I/O, 5 Reg. Mark inputs, 2/8 PEG outputs, 3 Brake outputs, 8/2 Analog I/O


SPiiPLus Soft Control

• Up to 64 fully synchronized axes
• Thousands of I/O points
• Low Cost of Ownership
• High-speed Host-Controller communication over shared RAM and virtual TCP/IP
• PLCOpen IEC61131-3, ACSPL+, Full Windows API
• Open architecture – supports ACS and other vendors’ qualified EtherCAT components


UDMmc 2, 4 Axis Drive Module

• Universal dual/quad motor Drive Modules for EtherCAT networks
• 12Vdc to 80Vdc, up to 20A continuous and 40A peak current
• ServoBoostTM (optional, Gantry MIMO Control, Dual feedback
• Digital control for easy setup and diagnostics
• 2 & 3 phase Brushless, Sinusoidal commutation, DC Brush, voice coils, Closed/Open loop step motors
• 4 digital incremental/absolute encoders


From an Applications Engineer