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Animatics Smart Motor

The Animatics Overview

•Animatics Institute
• SmartMotor Advantage
• Dual Port Master Controller
• SmartMotor Modes of Operation
• Understanding Part Numbers


http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/aniall.pdf Download Entire Catalog(22MB!)

Smart Motor Specs - Sizes NEMA 17, 23 & 34

•Peak Torque to 780 oz-in
• Peak Power to 1 KW
• Speeds to 10,000 RPM


Smart Motor Field Bus Protocols

•CANOpen, DeviceNET, ProfiBus and EtherNET
•Fail Safe Brakes for Vertical Applications

http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/ani2.pdf NETWORKS

http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/ani3.pdf BRAKES

Smart Motor Connectivity & Peripherals

•Power, COM and I/O Cables
•COM & I/O Adapters
•Expanded I/O and AniLink


Smart Motor Software

•SMI Interface
•SMI Engine
•SMNV Numerical Control
•Jen CNC


From an Applications Engineer