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Bishop Wisecarver

Dual Vee

• 90º Vee design creates a constant
sweeping action that cleans debris
from the track
• Impervious to contamination
• Virtually unlimited travel lengths
• Ultra smooth, quiet motion
• Stainless or carbon steel
• Available from stock
• High speed capability (5.5 m/s)
• Acceleration to 5 g’s
• Now available in new integral wheel design



• Low profile linear actuator
• Smooth operation over long lengths
• Proven DualVee guide wheel technology
• Belt, chain, lead or ball screw drive
• Four sizes
• Loads to 3,525 lbs
• Speeds to 5.5 m/s
• Acceleration to 5 g’s
• Corrosion resistant, high temperature and clean room
versions available


PRT2 Precision Ring and Track System

•A comprehensive range of precision ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components to suit most rotary and track system applications
• Easy gantry configuration
•Create customized track systems to achieve limitless varieties of open paths or closed circuits in any orientation
•360 degree rings, 180 and 90 degree curved segments, straight slides up to 4 meters long
•Extensive range of single and double edge rings and segments up to 1501mm in diameter are available in stainless steel as standard and precision ground all over
• Loads to 24 lbs
• Five bearing sizes to choose from twin bearings for smooth running and tolerance of misalignment, double row bearings for higher load capacities and tolerance of debris
• Systems with carriages - carriage load capacity up to 10,000N
•Several options include: floating bearings, pinions, carriage clamping brake system, moment load carriages, lubricators and bleed lubrication for track systems, single edge ring discs for turntable applications


SBD Sealed Belt Driven Unit

• Exceptionally rugged, quiet and precise for high duty applications
• Unit is housed in an anodized aluminum beam and is completely enclosed with a stainless steel cover for exceptional protection of the internal mechanism
• Dynamic load capacities to 52,100N
• Static load capacities to 85,500N
• Speeds up to 4 m/s Nm
• High strength polyurethane steel reinforced belt provides zero backlash
• Corrosion resistant version available with all stainless steel or anodized aluminum external components
• Optional linear encoder to 1 micrometer
• Cleanroom version has tapped vacuum connection holes and is certified by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute for use in cleanroom environments


PDU2/PDU2M Profile Belt Driven Unit

• Modular design allows for quick and easy gantry configurations up to 6 meters
• High performance, low development cost
• Long life with no re-lubrication
• Single unit accommodates multiple carriages
• Speeds up to 6 m/s Nm
• Load capacity up to 500N
• Corrosion resistant options include stainless steel or USDA approved aluminum components making the PDU2 ideal for food and pharmaceutical packaging applications


UtiliTrak® SW Series (Steel)

• One piece ground carbon bearing steel channel
• Running surface smooth to Ra 0.8µm
• Steel DualVee wheels or MadeWell™ crown rollers
• Available with seals or shields
• Internal lubrication
• Loads to 14,040N
• Speeds to 5.5 m/s
• Acceleration to 5 g’s
• 3, 4 or 5-wheel carriage configuration


UtiliTrak® PW Series (Polymer)

• Low cost, corrosion resistant linear slide
• 6063-T6 aluminum alloy channel
• Polymer overmoulded stainless steel DualVee wheels or MadeWell™ crown rollers
• Built-in wiper caps clear debris from the channel surface
• Loads to 311N
• Speeds to 1.5 m/s
• Acceleration to 3 g’s
• 3-wheel carriage configuration


From an Applications Engineer