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Nachi Robotics
Nachi EZ

EZ Scara Robots

The EZ SCARA Robot Series consists of 6-Axis (EZ02) and 4-Axis (EZ03) models.

  • Maximum motion range: 150mm / 250mm
  • Maximum speed: 1200mm/s / 1400mm/s
  • Position repeatability: +/- 0.014mm
  • Maximum payload: 2kg / 3kg

Download EZ Series Brouchure

Nachi ES

ES Scara Robots

The ES robot models offer a combination of high-speed, exceptionally high repeatability and mechanical rigidity.

  • Horizontal reach: 350mm / 550mm
  • Vertical stroke: 200mm / 340mm
  • Maximum payload: 6kg / 12kg

Download ES Series Brouchure

Nachi MZ

MZ Series Robot Arms

The MZ04 robot arms feature ultra high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress capabilities to simplify routing of hoses and cables.

  • Floor, wall or invert mounting
  • Available IP67 rating
  • MZ04E incorporates optional direct teaching technology
  • Maximum payload: 4kg
  • Maximum reach: 541mm

Download MZ Series Brouchure

Nachi SRA

SRA Series Robots

SRA series robots will dramatically reduce cycle times, significantly improve productivity, and achieve cost reductions.

  • Various payloads from 100kg to 240kg
  • Standard floor mount models, invert mount model, long reach models over 3 meters
  • New hollow arm series for internal dress of spot welding utilities

Download SRA Series Brouchure

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