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Structural Aluminum

The TSLOTS Structural Advantage

  • TSLOTS is the only Extruder offering Structural Alimunum Extrusions
  • B-Series is a drop-in Replacement for BOSCHE
  • TSLOTS are compatible with other t-slotted extrusion systems
  • TSLOTS DesignPro Siftware auto-generates your BOM
  • TSLOTS Engineers are available to offer design assistance
  • Custom Extrusions Available
  • Most Kits ship in 3 Days from Utah
Main Catalog (7.0MB) http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/f0.pdf
B-Series Metric Catalog http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/f16.pdf


  • The RK FRAMEWORKS® ALUMINUM LUMBER® system includes an Enormous Variety of Extrusion Shapes & Sizes
  • Secure, flush-fitting, positive-grip connectors create optimum conditions for transmitting loads.
  • The exclusive RK dynamic load bolt has a tapered neck which flexes at the beam joints, absorbing vibration, damping resonace caused by dynamic loading
  • RK Hidden Bracket Connectors provide an invisible, right angle connection. RK hidden brackets do not interfere with the installation of accessories
FrameWorks Catalog http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/rk11.pdf


  • The RK CLAMPWORKS® connection system can be configured using an infinite variety of sizes, shapes and clamp fixtures, offering a degree of flexibility that make it beneficial to virtually all industries.
  • RK clamps allow you to make any mechanical structure in the shortest amount of time possible
  • ClampWorks offers cost advatages over traditional connection techniques that require custom fabrication or permanent welding.
  • The RK Rose+Krieger tube clamps are a system of elements especially designed for variable and quick connection of tubes, both round and square of equal or different sizes. The system is comprised of a full range of adjustable clamps. Round and square tubing available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
ClampWorks Catalog http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/rk12.pdf


  • The RK STAIRWORKS® connection system suitable for many outdoor and indoor applications. From the simplest railings to complicated stairs and working platforms.
  • The easy "socket connection principle" of the internal tension system reduces construction assembly work to a minimum. Without any machine work connection is realized effortlessly by simply tightening a clamping screw.
  • The new quick change system contained in the program extension, additionally increases flexibility and compliments the assembly facility
  • The Profile Assembly System can be used for the substructure of stairs and platforms.
StairWorks Catalog http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/rk13.pdf

Parker IPS Structure

The modular t-slot aluminum profile system has conquered the world of machine building, industrial automation, material handling and machine safety guarding and enclosures. This innovative construction system offers so much flexibility and cost savings in engineering, fabrication, and assembly; that it is now preferred for a multitude of industrial applications that benefit from these important features.

IPS’s complete line of structural aluminum and linear motion extrusions create innovative solutions in machine building, safety guarding, workstations, and other unlimited industrial applications.

With In-Position Technologies Local Design Center you now have a partner in the Automation Business.

For Metric: http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/pis1.pdf
For Standard: http://www.iptech1.com/pdf/pis2.pdf

From an Applications Engineer