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R & W Coupling

BK Metal Bellows Coupling

•Torques from 2-10,000 N-M
•Flange Mount, Expanding Shaft, Clamp, Set Screw
•Stainess Steel Options
•Zero Backlash, Zero Wear
•Thermal & Electrical Isolation(A) on request
•Low Inertia Options
•High Temp Options


MK Miniature Bellows Coupling

•Torques from 0.5-10 N-M
•Expanding Shaft, Clamp Hub, Set Screw
•Stainess Steel Options
•Zero Backlash, Zero Wear
•Thermal & Electrical Isolation(A)
•High Temp Options


EK Elastomer Coupling

•Cost Effective Design
•Torques from 2-25,000 N-M
•Flange Mount, Expanding Shaft, Clamp Hub, Set Screw
•Vibration Damping
•Adjustable Length Line Shafts Available
•Thermal & Electrical Isolation(A)
•Conical Clamping Ring Option


TX1 Elastomer Coupling

•Very Low Cost Design
•Torques from 810 N-M
•Low Inertia Design
•Vibration Damping
•Corrosion Resistant
•Thermal & Electrical Isolation(A)


LK Linear Coupling

•Zero Backlash in Axial Direction
•Compensates for Angular Misalignments
•Compact Design
•Designed for both Tensile and Compression Loading
•Thermal & Electrical Isolation(A)


SK Torque Limiters

•Protects Drives from 0.1 to 2800 N-m
•Integral Bearings, Clamp, Conical or Press Fit Design
•Compensates for Misalignment


SL Torque Limiters

•Protects Drives from 5 to 700 N-m
•Ultralight Design
•Integral Bearing, Flange, Clamp or Keyway Connection
•Compensates for Misalignment
•Thermal & Electrical Isolation Optional(A)


ST Torque Limiters

•Protects Drives from 1000 to 160,000 N-m
•Heavy Duty Design
•Integral Bearing, Keyway, Flange,or Conical Connection
•Compensates for Misalignment
•Precise Overload Protection


ZA & EZ Line Shafts

•Connects Shafts from 10 to 25,000 N-m
•Up to 6m Length (20ft)
•No Intermediate Bearing Support Needed
•Compensates for Misalignment


From an Applications Engineer