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June 2014



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Universal Robots Seminar




                        Parker SSD AC30





Parker SSD Drives expands AC30 series power and functionality to meet growing demand across a range of industrial motor control applications

Engineered specifically for flexibility, simplicity and reliability, the AC30 series of variable speed AC drives has been extended to cover the range from 1 HP to 100 HP and is also available with a pulse encoder feedback option, bringing closed-loop capabilities to the drive. Now offered in five different frame sizes, the AC30 drive provides users with exceptional levels of control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. In fact, wherever reliable and accurate motor speed control are the key requirements.


AC30 Variable Speed Drives



AC30 variable speed drives give comprehensive and cost effective control of either AC induction or permanent magnet (PMAC) AC motors. Importantly, the extended range features the introduction of an optional pulse encoder feedback module, which allows users to run the drive in closed-loop control rather than open-loop. This provides optimization in highly dynamic applications, such as winding and cranes, where the speed or torque of the motor requires accurate control.


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