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Epson Robots has launched a new website. We at In-Position Technologies think the new website accurately reflects Epson Robots' focused charter of delivering bests-in-class Table Top Robots. We've voted  first in class of our automaton websites.

Custom Drive Designs

  • Optimized Packaging: special connectors, form-factors
  • Power Ratings: custom current and voltage ratings
  • SEVERE ENVIRONMENT: COTS, marine, avionics, vehicle
  • Multi-Axis: rack based systems and 2&3 axis packages
  • Java Beans: fill-in-the-blanks custom indexer functions
  • Performance Edge: low noise, temperature compensation
  • Enhanced Firmware: custom compensation filters
  • Feedback: special encoders

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"EPSON Robot’s website has been completely redesigned with improved structure and intuitive navigation” stated Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots. “The new site reflects our identity in the robotics industry as a world leader in advanced automation technology. Our global expertise is in providing our customers with the tools and support they need to automate manufacturing processes and achieve higher productivity in their customized robotic solutions. EPSON Robot’s reputation is built on the high quality of our products and services so it is important for us to supply our customers with the latest information on products as well as support. Our new website not only does this, but it also allows our customers to find the best robotic tools and solutions for their automation requirements with utmost ease of use.”

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