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September 2014



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Epson C4+ 6-axis

Robot Seminar

Coming to Phoenix


October 8 Chandler, AZ


Learn why the world's Number 1 SCARA  Manufacturer is quietly becoming the premier supplier of small 6-axis robots.


 Cost Effective Automation that is easy to justify.



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New Integrated Laser Motion Controller



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Amcon Contract

Manufacturing Show


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SLC October 22-23



 ACS Laser Control Supports 3 Modes of Operation:

Laser Controllers require one of three types of pulse inputs to control their output. 
•   Real-time varying duty cycle (=PWM), with a fixed (programmable) frequency 
•   Real-time varying frequency with fixed (programmable) positive pulse width (P/D like)
•   Real-time varying frequency with fixed (programmable) duty cycle
ACS Motion Control supports all three, allowing the PDMnt and CMbt to direct connect 
to laser controllers to modulate laser power directly from real-time motion path data. This 
new feature, coupled with unparallel fourth order feed forward control, allow for the world's 
fastest precision laser cutting, machining and processing



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